The project was conceived as a contribution to the exhibition 'Photobooth' that was shown by ECAL during the Milan International Furniture Fair 2015:

We all know how we look from the front, but what if we could include the sides of our face in the same image? The project focuses on the transition from a 3D object to a 2D image. Instead of using a scanner or any other kind of panoramic photographic process to show a stretched-out human face, we wanted to create a physical and interactive filter for the smartphones we all have. Our 'low-tech' sculptural object shows a flattened face, along with the sides of the head, in one single image. Thanks to an array of reflecting surfaces in front of which the viewer stands, he is able to witness a live flattening of his face right on his smartphone.

This project was realized in collaboration with Gianni Camporota.


A perspective changing mirror, turning the selfie into a novel experience.

Pictures by Nicolas Haeni